Property Management Services: Register of Property Factors No PF000899

If you’re unhappy with your current property factor, it’s worth considering a change. It’s very straightforward to appoint SELECT PREMIER LETTING LTD (SPLPM) as your Factor and we’d be happy to guide you through the process. Are you looking to change your factor?

Is your current property factor not meeting expectations? Are your communal charges too high? It’s a simple and straightforward process if you would like to change, and at SELECT PREMIER LETTING PROPERTY MANAGEMENT ((SPLPM) we can provide a quality factoring service at a very competitive price.

A change of Factor can be easily arranged if there’s sufficient support to do so, (usually a majority of owners is required) and as long as the requirements of your Deed of Conditions are met. We can advise here, as required, and offer a professionally tailored “management proposal” to co-owners, Owners Committee’s etc.

A significant number of homeowners think that changing their factor could be more bother than it’s worth. At SPLSM, we firmly believe this not to be the case. We can guide you through the process. The steps below explain how easy it can be to change your factor, and SPLSM can offer a professional and efficient service to manage it all from start to finish.

Firstly, we can assist with checking your Deed of Conditions. This may contain rules on how to appoint a factor and/or replace your current factor, and any conditions that need to be met during the process. For example, the number of owners who need to be in agreement to enable the change go ahead.

Once we have established the rules in your Deed of Conditions, we may be required to call a meeting with owners. SPLSM can help to facilitate this.

Where applicable, contact should be made with your existing factor. SPLSM can assist with the communication to ensure it’s clear and abides by the rules in your Deed of Conditions and your existing factoring Terms of Service.

SPLSM can manage each step of the above process, and make changing your property factor hassle-free for you and your co-owners

We already  have dedicated Property Officers  who will be responsible for the management and maintenance of our factored developments, our services include:

  • Cleaning of common areas including stairs, walls, landings, ceilings and floor areas.
  • Maintenance of landscape.
  • Organising reactive repairs.
  • Stair lighting.
  • Intercom maintenance.
  • Making regular detailed monthly inspections of developments.
  • Organising Annual Property Maintenance Survey.
  • Communal block insurance and public liability insurance.
  • Responding to general enquiries from our clients or residents association.
  • Out of hours emergency hotline
  • Regular (Quarterly) statements.

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